Transformational Coaching

In the warmth of love, allow yourself to be

served with deeper clarity. 

Transformational Coaching sessions are a fantastic

way to  find direction, and to experience 

clarity and peace  around questions you

have in your life. Whether they be questions regarding relationships, health, career or

life vision, these sessions offer perspective

of a deeper truth known within  you. 

Phone or in person

$125/1 hour

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Energy Sessions

These nourishing sessions are a  powerful form of energetic healing that work on the physical body, as well as the subtle bodies/aura and chakras. These sessions help to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate the subtle anatomy, which in the end, leads to greater peace, harmony and health in the physical body.



Phone or in person

$108/1 hour


Somatic Integration

Experience deep relaxation and peace in these unique hands on sessions. Designed to release stress and tension from the deepest parts of the nervous system and psyche, Somatic Integration sessions will leave you feeling nourished to the core. 

These sessions combine systematic touch therapy with deep energetic balancing.

$125/1 hour

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Soul Freedom Sessions

These potent sessions lovingly hold space for healing around old wounds/traumas, energetic and emotional blocks, relationship challenges, unhealthy, stagnant thought patterns, and more. Through intuitive guidance, coaching, and energetic  alignment, Soul Freedom sessions allow a space for true healing, release and personal growth.




Phone or in person


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